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Discover the city on a boat trip along the Tagus River.

Lisbon Sight Sail

  • Come see Lisbon from another angle
  • An unmissable experience in Lisbon
  • Amazing sights of the Portuguese capital
From 360€

Sunset Sail

  • Toast in an intimate and unique atmosphere, filled with glamour!
  • Sunset Sail: Surprise your beloved with an unforgettable moment
  • Indulge yourself in the warm colors of Lisbon and its fantastic sights.
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Party & Sail

  • River, sea and lots of fun!
  • Perfect scnery for parties and events with family and friends
  • An unforgettable experience will be provided by ur crew, of a skipper and a steward
From 150 €
Torre de Belén

Unique Experiences Collection

  • Experiences carried out on luxury sailboats
  • Comfort, space and premium service
  • Different durations and routes
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Tailored solution

  • Private and exclusive events
  • Designed exactly to your measure
  • We make your dreams come true. share them with us
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  • Corporate events on the Tagus
  • Great diversity of boats
  • Personalized, professional and unforgettable solutions
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What do they say about us?

Sights and Interest spots

Discover the landscapes of Lisbon seen from the Tagus

Did you know that the points of interest built on the riverfront – squares, avenues and monuments – were designed to be seen from the Tagus River? Delight in enjoying the views of Lisbon through this unique perspective.

The Boats

What kind of boat do you prefer?

We have boats for all tastes. We operate comfortable sailboats with capacities between 6 and 18 passengers, between 10 and 18 meters, designed to satisfy the most demanding navigators. Our fleet includes catamarans, sailing and motor, speedboats and classic ships with a capacity of up to 340 guests.

Safety and equiment

Here, security is a very serious matter!

Safety standards are scrupulously respected. Safety procedures are explained by the crew before the start of each trip.

Regata de Team Building


Discover the landscapes of Lisbon seen from the Tagus

The most photogenic side of Lisbon


How is it...?

Some quick answers

What points of interest can I see in the Lisbon Sight Sail experience?

Lisbon offers a set of unique views which, when observed from the Tagus River provide a stunning and unforgettable experience. This tour occurs at the place of origin of Lisbon’s luminosity. The truth is that the light from the Tagus is reflected on the city as if it were a mirror, enhancing the beauty of this scenario.

Thus, in addition to the hills of Lisbon, it is possible to see and discover a series of monuments and places of high historical, cultural and landscape interest on the banks of the longest river of the Iberian Peninsula.

Some examples of points of interest are: Discoveries Monument, Jerónimos Monastery, Museum of Popular Art, Electricity Museum, Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT), Ajuda Palace, Bridge over the Tagus, National Museum of Ancient Art, Museum of Popular Art, Basilica of the Star, Cais do Sodré, Commerce Square, Alfama, Lisbon Cathedral, S. Jorge Castle, Monastery of S. Vicente de Fora, National Pantheon, King Christ, VTS Tower, Champalimaud Foundation and Belém Tower.

How are the boats?

They are sailboats prepared to receive our passengers with comfort and safety. We operate sailboats between 10 and 18 metres, with rigorous maintenance, always in perfect conditions to offer unforgettable experiences to our customers. In sum, our boats are designed to give you pleasure.

What languages are spoken onboard?

We speak in English, Spanish and Portuguese, obviously. After all, we’re from Lisbon. And, if you want translation services to any other language, simply, contact us here. We will be happy to arrange it for you.

What if it’s bad weather?

“There is no bad weather. But there are good and bad clothes”, according to a Swedish proverb. So, we’re covered. If necessary we have a rain shelter at your disposal.

And if its very bad weather we will cancel the trip and your payment will be refunded. We understand that safety and comfort are in first place.

Is it safe?

The experiences that we provide are not risk-free. In principle, accidents do not happen but, if anyone throws themselves into the water and can’t swim, we’re ready to rescue them.

We also provide life jackets for children and adults which you may use during the trip.

And to reduce the likelihood of accidents we will explain to you the safety rules and show you the emergency exits before the start of the trip 🙂

May I take over the rudder?

Of course. Provided you have the desire to steer the boat.

What should I do to book a fantastic experience?

Simply choose the option on the site and follow the steps in “BOOK NOW“.

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Need help?

Do you need something? Do you have any doubt? Would like to know more about … do not hesitate and send us your message.

Are you ready to board?

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