Atlantic Voyage

An unforgettable day

The Atlantic Voyage offers you a relaxing and completely unforgettable day on a boat. In this all-inclusive experience, you are introduced to the Portuguese coast between Lisbon and Cascais Bay. Description and privacy guaranteed.

Group of friends on a sailboat in Lisbon

An unforgettable experience on the Atlantic

This unique sailing experience set in a 50 foot luxury sailing boat with all the comfort, space and a premium service that will present you the Portuguese coast between Lisbon and Cascais Bay.

Be driven on an Atlantic journey where you will enjoy the sun, wind and ocean waters.

A relaxing day on board

Arriving to Cascais you will experience the warm welcome of the bay. Here you will balance your soul, body, mind and satisfy your appetite, on board.

The unique colors at the end of the day will greet us to meet Lisbon again.

This is a day that you will certainly describe as a peaceful and delightful on board a comfortable sailing boat. All details will be taken care to receive you and satisfy your needs and desires. And if you have any special wish, please share it with us in advance so we can prepare everything and meet your expectations and desires.

All included

Unforgettable sailing experience, up to twelve guests.

[Duration] 8:00 hours.

[Crew] Skipper and a steward. These professionals will assist you and satisfy your needs, desires and curiosities.

[Menu on board] A variety of drinks with or without alcohol, natural juice and light lunch will be served. Lunch can be provided according to your specific request (attending any food restrictions and if booked with at least 72 hours in advance).

[Wi-Fi & Music] Wireless internet connection and music available during all the experience.

[Insurance and taxes] According to Portuguese legislation.

The Boarding:

Doca de Alcântara (Doca do Espanhol): Av. Brasília, 1350-352 Lisboa, Portugal

A member of the Crew will meet you at the acess Gate of “Doca de Alcântara” at the agended time (5 minutes before departure hour). Please check the map.

If you have any question, please contact us via phone call or e-mail. One of our staff members will assist you. | There is an outdoor parking.

  • Enjoy Estoril Coast and drop anchor in the charming Cascais Bay


  • The sun, the wind and the ocean waters will help you regain your energy


  • Discretion and privacy guaranteed

More information

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Frequently asked questions

All Questions

May I take over the rudder?

Of course. Provided you have the desire to steer the boat.

What languages are spoken onboard?

We speak in English, Spanish and Portuguese, obviously. After all, we’re from Lisbon. And, if you want translation services to any other language, simply, contact us here. We will be happy to arrange it for you.

Is it safe?

The experiences that we provide are not risk-free. In principle, accidents do not happen but, if anyone throws themselves into the water and can’t swim, we’re ready to rescue them.

We also provide life jackets for children and adults which you may use during the trip.

And to reduce the likelihood of accidents we will explain to you the safety rules and show you the emergency exits before the start of the trip 🙂

What if it’s bad weather?

“There is no bad weather. But there are good and bad clothes”, according to a Swedish proverb. So, we’re covered. If necessary we have a rain shelter at your disposal.

And if its very bad weather we will cancel the trip and your payment will be refunded. We understand that safety and comfort are in first place.

What should I do to book a fantastic experience?

Simply choose the option on the site and follow the steps in “BOOK NOW“.

What points of interest can I see on the Atlantic Voyage experience?

This experience allows you to discover the city of Lisbon as well as the coast of Cascais and Estoril. During this tour, you can see the following points of interest:

Belém Tower, Discoveries Monument, Jerónimos Monastery, Museum of Popular Art, Electricity Museum, Museum of Popular Art, Electricity Museum, Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT), Ajuda Palace, Bridge over the Tagus, National Museum of Ancient Art, Basilica of the Star, Cais do Sodré, Commerce Square, Alfama, Lisbon Cathedral, S. Jorge Castle, Monastery of S. Vicente de Fora, National Pantheon, King Christ, VTS Tower, Champalimaud Foundation, Fort of São Bruno, Bugio Lighthouse, S. Julião da Barra Fort, beaches on the Estoril coast and Cascais bay.

Enjoy Estoril Coast and drop anchor in the charming Cascais Bay

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