If you want to host a corporate event in Lisbon, congratulations! You are in the right place.

People on a catamaran having fun during a corporate event

Lisbon Sight Sailing understands corporate needs, by realizing that each organization has a fingerprint of its own. As a result, we subscribe the idea that each organization has in its DNA, unique characteristics and specificities.

We also acknowledge organizations are made of people that work together and most of the time in stressful and challenging environments.

Consequently, our commitment is to give them all the feeling that “it compensates”. That “in the end of the day” good things in life also come along with hard and perseverant work. And that is perfectly in line with our way of acting.

From international companies, into Portuguese startup’s, or even embassies, we have already created unique solutions to fit all their needs. Solutions that showed themselves as fit to these companies needs. In the end, the most important is to achieve or overcome everyone’s expectations. And fortunately that’s what has been happening: we have “a pile” of excellent reviews and memories!

As specialists in nautical experiences we design and create corporate events on board. We manage a diversity of boats, that know their way around the river Tagus, in Lisbon.

From photographic sessions, promotional events, regatta organizationsteam building experiencesmeetings on board, we can meet any of your requests. What we ask for is your availability to give us all the details, so everything can run as planned in the big day.

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Frequently asked questions

Todas as Perguntas

How are the boats?

They are sailboats prepared to receive our passengers with comfort and safety. We operate sailboats between 10 and 18 metres, with rigorous maintenance, always in perfect conditions to offer unforgettable experiences to our customers. In sum, our boats are designed to give you pleasure.

What languages are spoken onboard?

We speak in English, Spanish and Portuguese, obviously. After all, we’re from Lisbon. And, if you want translation services to any other language, simply, contact us here. We will be happy to arrange it for you.

Is it safe?

The experiences that we provide are not risk-free. In principle, accidents do not happen but, if anyone throws themselves into the water and can’t swim, we’re ready to rescue them.

We also provide life jackets for children and adults which you may use during the trip.

And to reduce the likelihood of accidents we will explain to you the safety rules and show you the emergency exits before the start of the trip 🙂

What if it’s bad weather?

“There is no bad weather. But there are good and bad clothes”, according to a Swedish proverb. So, we’re covered. If necessary we have a rain shelter at your disposal.

And if its very bad weather we will cancel the trip and your payment will be refunded. We understand that safety and comfort are in first place.

What experience do you have in organizing events for companies?

Lots of experience. We have already organized hundreds of events and handled all requests in a personalized and professional manner. You can check in the news section some examples of companies that have trusted us

Count on us for your next corporate event in Lisbon!

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