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River, sea and lots of fun

An exclusive party on a boat? That´s it! Party & Sail offers an extremely pleasant, fun and relaxing day.

Young people jumping into the water from a sailboat

Private boat party

An exclusive party on a boat? That´s it! Party & Sail offers an extremely pleasant, fun and relaxing day.

Specially conceived for groups, this is the ideal setting for parties and special events (up to 10 people). Thus, from birthday parties to hen parties , all are reasons to toast with friends or family. Music, sunbathing, swimming, onboard menu …. All this at a private party on a sailboat!

River, sea and lots of fun

While sailing along the coast, you can spot and enjoy spectacular land and seascapes of Tagus estuary, where the river meets the ocean and surrounds Bugio´s lighthouse.

This comfortable sailing boat is anchored in the Estoril Coast beaches, where you can keep enjoying your sunbathe while listening to music. Furthermore, you can refresh yourselves and dive in the Atlantic waters.

In addition to our experienced skipper, the crew includes a steward and both will look after you and assure an unforgettable day, providing snacks, fruits and drinks at your discretion.

Your way back to Lisbon will allow you to enjoy the rest of this excellent experience.

During this tour, you can still get the most of the following points of interest: Discoveries Monument, Belém Tower, Jerónimos Monastery, Champalimaud Foundation, VTS Tower, Bugio Lighthouse, São Julião Fortress, Costa da Caparica, Paço de Arcos, Oeiras Marina and Torre Beach.


Private party & sailing tour, from six till ten persons.

[Duration] 4:00 hours.

[Crew] consisting of a skipper and a steward, who look after the well-being of the guests during the tour and provide information on points of interest. We speak English, falamos Português, hablamos Español!

[Menu on board] snacks, fruits and drinks are included, so that everything is perfect.

[Diploma] After enjoying your great experience onboard, we make sure that you receive a Lisbon Sight Sailing navigator certificate, to add to your portfolio of unforgettable moments for many years.

[Wi-Fi & Music] Wireless internet connection and music available during the all experience.

[Insurance and taxes] according to Portuguese legislation.

[Extra services] [email protected]

  • River, sea and lots of fun!


  • Perfect scnery for parties and events with family and friends


  • An unforgettable experience will be provided by ur crew, of a skipper and a steward


Frequently asked questions

All Questions

What points of interest can I see in the Party & Sail experience?

There are several points of interest on this experience. During the tour, in addition to discovering the place where the River meets the sea, you will sail in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

In a relaxing atmoshere, heading towards Oeiras, you can see and enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Estoril coast.

Some examples of points of interest are: Discoveries Monument, Belém Tower, Jerónimos Monastery, Champalimaud Foundation, VTS Tower, Bugio Lighthouse, São Julião Fortress, Costa da Caparica, Paço de Arcos, Oeiras Marina and Torre Beach.

What should I wear?

Whatever you want. Come in good spirits.

We are ready to help you out if necessary. We recommend comfortable clothing, suitable for the time of year / hour of the day. A bathing suit can also be useful in the experiences Party & Sail, Sea Breeze and Atlantic Voyage.

Do I need to work?

Only if you feel like it. Our goal is for you to enjoy and relax. But of course, if you wish, you can be part of the crew and help with maneuvers: from hoisting the sails to steering the boat. Simply let us know at any time.

May I take over the rudder?

Of course. Provided you have the desire to steer the boat.

Do I need to have experience and knowledge in navigation?

Don’t worry. You don´t need to have any knowledge in navigation. But, if you want to learn, you will learn what is port and starboard. And if you want to learn more, it’s simple, take the opportunity and ask us.

What languages are spoken onboard?

We speak in English, Spanish and Portuguese, obviously. After all, we’re from Lisbon. And, if you want translation services to any other language, simply, contact us here. We will be happy to arrange it for you.

Is it safe?

The experiences that we provide are not risk-free. In principle, accidents do not happen but, if anyone throws themselves into the water and can’t swim, we’re ready to rescue them.

We also provide life jackets for children and adults which you may use during the trip.

And to reduce the likelihood of accidents we will explain to you the safety rules and show you the emergency exits before the start of the trip 🙂

Is there an insurance?

The activities are protected by liability and personal accident insurance in accordance with the legislation in force.

Can the boat capsize or sink?

The Titanic was unsinkable. The Costa Concordia would never capsize… So, yes, boats can sink. But, because the boats meet the mandatory safety requirements, the waters of the Tagus River are calm and the skippers are experienced, our trips are always relaxing and safe.

What if there is no wind?

Normally the sails meet the wind in the river. But when that does not happen we travel with the help of the engine or simply go with the flow of the Tagus.

What if it’s bad weather?

“There is no bad weather. But there are good and bad clothes”, according to a Swedish proverb. So, we’re covered. If necessary we have a rain shelter at your disposal.

And if its very bad weather we will cancel the trip and your payment will be refunded. We understand that safety and comfort are in first place.

And if I want to eat or drink?

Be our guest. Feel free to bring whatever you want or ask us for the menu onboard.

What should I do to avoid getting seasick?

It is very unlikely to get seasick aboard our sailboats. Our activities take place outdoors, in an extraordinary environment and with a cooling sea breeze. And since the Tagus is calm, this adventure is very pleasant, relaxing and peaceful.

You should avoid drinking milk and milk products as well as alcoholic beverages in excess. Some people take medicine to avoid getting seasick. Ask a pharmacist.

Can I bring children with me?

Children are welcome onboard. We can entertain them with pedagogy. We have protection cream with a protection factor of 50, caps and life vests, soft drinks and candy. And, if they want to sleep in one of the interior cabins, they will have a quiet sleep.

What should I do to book a fantastic experience?

Simply choose the option on the site and follow the steps in “BOOK NOW“.

What payment options are available?

You can choose from the following payment options: Mastercard, Visa, iDEAL, Paypal and American Express.

Come have fun with us!

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